K30neo / K15neo

New 2019 advanced models


K15neo • K30neo

With 7″ Digital Touch Screen and variable speed

Cut and emulsify any type of meat mixture and many other food products

Outstanding Features

  • 7″ Touchscreen indicating knife speed, temperature, elapsed time, current time.
  • Variable cutting speed: variable 750 – 3000 rpm + 4 programmed speeds.
  • Programmable automatic stop triggered by elapsed time or temperature limit.
  • Smooth start of knives and bowl due to electronic drives.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Adjustable, anti-vibration machine feet.

7″ Digital touch screen

Removable friction lid/bwol band

Transparent noise protection cover

Removable knife head with 3 knives (standard)

Optional 6-knife head

Emergency stop button

K15neo – K30neo

Advantages at a Glance

  • 7″ digital touch screen displaying knife speed, temperature and time.
  • Variable speed control and 4 speed preselection buttons.
  • Programable automatic stop by temperature and/or elapsed time.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • High quality, silent poly-V belts.
  • Motor with electronic drive and overload protection. Low consumption motor + drive = high eficiency.
  • Removable 3-knife head, optionally with 6 knives.
  • High quality BE-GW Steffens (Germany) knives.
  • Strong, all stainless steel construction, solid s/s bowl and lid.
  • Machine frame with big openings. Adjustable, on-slip and vibration absorbing machine feet.
  • Knife lid assisted with pneumatic piston (K30neo), automatic stop of the knives when opening lid.
  • Transparent noise protection cover.
  • Temperature sensor C/F located in cavity of lid: precise temperature measurement of the dough in friction.
  • Removable friction lid/bowl band for easy cleaning, with self-adjusting springs.
  • Electric device to prevent condensations inside frame.
  • All screws stainless steel.
  • IP65 watertight electric cabinet (K30neo).
  • Bottom of machine closed.
  • Easy cleaning.

TALSA machines are not household products. They are specifically designed for professional use and require installation, maintenance and technical service performed only by a qualified installation technician and authorized by TALSA.

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